Scientists offer blueprint for sustainable redesign of food systems

A new perspective article published in the journal Nature Sustainability describes food systems designed not by the logic of growth such as efficiency and extraction, but by principles of sufficiency, regeneration, distribution, commons, and care. It argues that food systems can instead be the foundation of healthy communities, ecologies, and economies. “For this agenda-setting article,Continue reading “Scientists offer blueprint for sustainable redesign of food systems”

The Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index 2022

How sustainable is the city where you live? The 5th edition of the Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index “provides a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of urban sustainability and how it is the key to unlocking prosperity in cities and improving quality of life.” More specifically, the Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index provides an overall ranking of 100Continue reading “The Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index 2022”

Study explores fast-growing rise of ‘climavore’ consumers

“By 2030, our routine food choices will be climate-directed. The companies that mobilize now will win the future of food.” With that said, global management consulting firm Kearney has released its 2022 Earth Day Survey, which measures the growing momentum of ‘climavorism’ among consumers – referring to the making of mindful food choices based on environmental impact. ThisContinue reading “Study explores fast-growing rise of ‘climavore’ consumers”

Who is setting the pace for personal sustainability?

From Deloitte’s new Sustainable Actions Index comes a portrait of people bringing sustainability into the mainstream. Deloitte conducted a global survey of 23,000 people in 23 countries on their attitudes, behaviors, and choices related to environmental sustainability in September 2021. Responses were concentrated in North America, Europe, and East and South Asia. The researchers assessedContinue reading Who is setting the pace for personal sustainability?

The three personality traits that make you more likely to buy fair trade and circular products In a new study published in the Journal of Business Research, researchers examined “the role of consumer personality traits as drivers of fair trade engagement and its subsequent impact on ethically-minded behavior concerning circular economy issues.” The authors found that “extraversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness positively affect consumer fair trade engagement, whereas neuroticism has a negative effect,Continue reading “The three personality traits that make you more likely to buy fair trade and circular products”

A Climate Wake-Up: new report

An important new report titled “A Climate Wake-Up” was published by Forest 500, a project of Global Canopy. The report analyzes commitments to address deforestation as well as human rights commitments in the financial sector, food sector, and within agri-commodity companies. In its 2022 annual report, it is noted that: Nearly three out of fourContinue reading “A Climate Wake-Up: new report”